Flow Measurement

iconFlow Meter Calibration/Validation

TEX Onsite offers on-site calibration of permanent flow meters using an ultrasonic portable flow meter. We have the capability of measuring flow in liquids using the latest hybrid technology.

These advanced instruments incorporate Transit Time and Doppler Method technology in one unit providing greater accuracy and versatility in the field.


Regular calibration will document the accuracy of flow meters to ensure measurements are correct and help to:

  • Prevent expensive component failure
  • Prevent accidents, incidents, hazards and/or near misses
  • Maintain compliance: as required to meet ISO9000 and legislative requirements
  • Reduce down time as calibrations are carried out on-site
  • Improve productivity
  • Flow velocity 0.01…25 m/s
  • Repeatability 0.15% of reading +01 m/s
  • Accuracy +5% of reading +0.01 m/s
  • Physical quantities of measurement: volumetric flow rate, mass flow, flow velocity and totalisation
  • Transducers available for a wide range of inner pipe diameters (10…2500 mm) and fluid temperatures (-40…+130°C)
iconFuel Flow Meter Calibration

TEX Onsite can calibrate non-trade fuel flow meters found at pumps, bowsers and mobile fuel tender trucks.

Our method of calibration does not require filling of portable containers which greatly reduces OH&S issues and environmental risk. Instead we create a sealed loop with a special pipe set up. Fuel is then circulated from the pump back to the reservoir.

After calibration we provide a ‘k’ correction factor for meter adjustment and traceable certificates.

  • Minor spillage and wastage
  • Provide traceability for fuel usage/carbon emissions for environmental reporting
  • Maintain compliance to HESQ management systems
  • Calibrations are carried out on-site
  • Sealed closed system to comply with HSE requirements
  • Flow velocity 0.01-20 m/s
  • Repeatability 0.15%
  • Instruments accuracy up to 0.5%