High Voltage System Maintenance Management Service (HVSM)


Our unique High Voltage System Maintenance Management Service (HVSM) makes TEX Onsite Australia's leading complete HV System shut-down specialists.

Each HVSM service is thoroughly and meticulously planned and includes both non-intrusive and intrusive inspection and test procedures, reducing downtime, whilst recognizing all applicable legislation and local directions.

Each installation is evaluated on its own merits, a unique annual maintenance plan is produced and approved by the client prior to proceeding. Such plans can recognise maintenance requirements up to seven years duration, ensuring worry free operation and compliance.

The program is aimed at removing the serious inconvenience and massive expense encountered in unplanned interruptions and system shutdowns.


The HSVM program covers:

  • Transmission Systems
  • Distribution Systems
  • Protection Equipment
  • Switchgear: indoor & outdoor
  • Switch Rooms: all functions
  • Earth Grid: EPR, step & touch
  • Battery Installations
  • Station Auxiliary
  • Circuit Breakers, Isolator & Earthing Switch
  • Oil Analysis Reporting/Recommendations
  • Transformer, Tap Changers, Condition Monitoring etc.



When the HVSM service is incorporated with our HV testing of operational and PPE tools and equipment, together with our vast range of instrument calibration – HVSM forms the only complete HV maintenance service in Australia. Please refer to our specific product information on:

  • High Voltage Testing
  • Power Transformer Condition Monitoring
  • Electrical Instrument Calibration
  • Height Safety/Fall Arrest

The HVSM program has been developed to ensure all high voltage systems are maintained in compliance with:

  • Maintenance Recommendations of Relevant Standards
  • Manufacturers Requirements
  • Industry Best Practice