Infrared and Thermal Imaging Calibration


TEX Onsite offers on-site calibration of infrared temperature reading and recording equipment including:

  • Infrared thermometers
  • Infrared thermal imagers
  • Range from 35°C to 500°C
  • Up to 150mm diameter image

Regular calibration will document the accuracy of equipment to ensure correct measurements and help to:

  • Prevent expensive component failure
  • Prevent accidents, incidents, hazards and/or near misses
  • Maintain compliance: as required to meet ISO9000 and legislative requirements
  • Keep equipment up to national and international standards
  • Reduce downtime as calibrations are carried out on-site
  • Stability: +05°C at 35°C

+ 0.20°C at 200°C

+ 0.40°C at 500°C

  • Accuracy for 8 µm to 14 µm emissivity set between 0.9 and 1.0

+ 0.35°C at 35°C

+ 0.50°C at 100°C

+ 0.70°C at 200°C

+ 1.20°C at 350°C

+ 1.60°C at 500°C

  • Emissivity 0.95
  • Uniformity of approximately 0.1°C