Lifting Equipment Inspection


TEX Onsite can provide a comprehensive on-site inspection service for lifting equipment. We offer regular inspection as per AS 2550.1-2002 which covers:

  • Webbing slings
  • Chains
  • Wire rope slings
  • Hooks and shackles
  • Hand operated chain blocks

Companies must demonstrate due diligence ensuring that lifting equipment meets specified requirements. Lifting equipment must be inspected and tested in accordance with legislative and industry requirements.

  • TEX Onsite manages all scheduling, ensuring equipment is maintained and in test
  • All inspections are carried out on-site
  • Prevents safety accidents, incidents, hazards and/or near misses
  • Maintain compliance: as required to meet ISO9000 and legislative requirements
  • TEX Onsite maintains a current database of all equipment tested and inspected for each individual client