Power Transformer Condition Monitoring


TEX Onsite, in association with world renowned TJ|H2b Analytical Services provides high end Power Transformer Condition Monitoring services Australia wide, including:

  • Oil Sampling
  • Complete Laboratory Analysis
  • Condition Assessment and Recommendation
  • Transformer Management Plans
  • Avoid catastrophic failures
  • Extend the life of equipment
  • Identify transformer’s end of life term
  • Know the condition of your equipment through accurate reporting
  • Unique syringe type sampling system ensures greater accuracy
iconElectrical diagnostic packages include:
  • Dielectric dissipation factor, tan delta and capacitance
  • Insulation moisture content by dielectric response analysis
  • Frequency response analysis for core and winding diagnostics
  • Leakage reactance, short circuit impedance and excitation testing
  • DC winding resistance, turns ratio and polarisation index testing
  • WTI and OTI calibration
iconOil test diagnostic packages include:
  • Transformer condition assessment
  • Tap changer activity signature analysis
  • Circuit breaker oil analysis
  • Breakdown voltage testing
  • Gas analysis for SF6 filled equipment