Pressure Calibration


TEX Onsite provides a comprehensive mobile, laboratory quality calibration service for your pressure equipment including:

  • Industrial gauges
  • Test gauges
  • Calibrators
  • Digital Indicators
  • Transducers
  • NATA endorsed calibrations can be performed upon request



Regular calibration will document the accuracy of equipment ensuring measurements are correct and will help to:

  • Prevent costly shutdowns
  • Prevent safety accidents, incidents, hazards and/or near misses
  • Maintain compliance (as required to meet ISO9000 and legislative requirements)
  • Keep plant and equipment traceable
  • Record and manage assets through our database
  • Ensure equipment remains within test, with our complementary scheduling service
  • Vacuum and pressure ranging up to 10,000psi (700bar)
  • Accuracy up to 0.01%