Delta Patlink Basic Print Pack Overview

The Delta PATLink Basic Print Pack is a complete Portable Appliance Testing package. Bluetooth connectivity is used to connect the DeltaPAT 3309 BT, the Zebra TLP2824 printer and the Android device. The Android device is used to remotely control the appliance tester to run tests, save results and instantaneously print tags via the Zebra printer. Test Tags are printed, complete with test and retest date, Company logo and QR Code. The QR code can then be scanned with the android device to automatically re-enter the test information for rapid retesting.

The DeltaPATLink Basic Print Pack includes a rechargable battery for the printer and is packaged in a custom-made heavy-duty carry case for portability.


  • Custom heavy-duty carry case
  • Appliance Tester and Printer will work on either batteries or mains power
  • Delta 3309BT performs earth bond, insulation, polarity, leakage and RCD tests
  • Zebra TLP2824 allows printing of test tags, complete with test and retest date, company logo and QR code
  • PATLink android app allows for simple control of the whole system
  • PATLink Android Features:
  • Use an android device’s on-board camera for QR code and barcode scaning for quick data entry
  • Remote control of Portable Appliance Tester via PATLink app
  • Easy data entry with full QWERTY keyboard
  • QR codes contain all information for the specific appliance, so scanning the code makes it simple to perform retests
  • Overview of testing parameters by scanning QR code
  • Easy control of the tester and printer from a single portable point
  • Simple licensing means it’s possible to use multiple android devices per kit • Simple to download and easy to update through the Google PlayTM store
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